Principles and Service

The Seven Principles of Spiritualism
The Original Seven principles of Spiritualism were written by Emma Hardinge Britten in 1871. Most Spiritualist churches use a modern version of those principles.
The Spiritualist Church of Salmon Arm was chartered on the 10th of January 1997.
We are an organization dedicated to the awareness of and the furthering of our spirituality and embracing these seven principles:
1 The presence of a Universal Force.
2 The acceptance of equality of all people.
3 Communion with Spirit and the Ministration of Angels.
4 The continuous existence of all souls.
5 Personal responsibility.
6 Redress for all deeds done on Earth.
7 Eternal progress open to all souls.

Spiritual Healing

During the pandemic and PHO restrictions we are offering long distance healing only. Please email your requests.
The Spiritualist Church of Salmon Arm offers individual channelled healing at the beginnings of each Sunday service. Healing is done by certified healers. We practice the method used by Harry Edwards in all Harryour healing. Our healers do not have medical training, nor do they give medical advice, and there is no claim for being able to cure people.
Further information on Harry Edwards please see:

Naming Service

This service is suspended till further notice due to PHO in BC
rose-clip-art-21The Naming service is arranged by request – please contact the ministers if you are interested.
A Naming Service is a special occasion where you receive your spirit name, reconfirm the name given to you at birth and learn information about your past lives. This ceremony is a celebration and acknowledgement that we are a part of a bigger picture and all one under God.
Flowers petals are used in the ceremony and you will receive a certificate to keep.
This service is available to both adults and children. A naming service can be conducted during the regular Sunday services in place of the Moment with Spirit or privately.

Extra Activities and Events

Throughout the year there are special events such as guest speakers, visiting ministers and mediums or social gatherings. Announcements and information on those are given at the regular Sunday Service and on this website.

Church Membership

If you are interested in becoming a member of the church please speak with one of the ministers.

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