Welcome to Your Church

Welcome Home!

To all of our members:

We miss you!

As Christmas is getting closer and our year winds to an end, the ministers wanted to get in touch and take extra special care that all of you feel supported through the winter season. It is important for you to know we are here still for your spiritual needs, even if that means we can not gather as we did over past Christmas’s. Please feel free if you need to reach out to us to use our email: spiritualistchurchofsalmonarm@gmail.com

I want to remind everyone that in difficult times like this, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. It means you are a good person who is in abnormal circumstances.  Please know that you can also help others around you that may feel uncomfortable reaching out for themselves by you reaching out.

BC health is also providing support. Here are some links and, in the links, you will find phone numbers.


Here is the link to the provincial COVID-19 response site. It has all the links for financial support and other related information.


Spiritualist Church of Salmon Arm, Minsters.

Please Note: We are compliant with current recommendations in regards to gatherings, and will not be holding Sunday Services or Tuesday night services ’till further notice.

Our doors open at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. For those who are in need of one on one healing you can do so before the service. Sunday service begins at 11 a.m.
The Spiritualist Church of Salmon Arm Ministers are:
Reverend Gloria Makey
Reverend Colleen Rempel
Reverend Ann Meakes
Reverend Colleen Hoople
From left to right, Rev. Gloria Makey, Rev. Colleen Hoople, Reverend Ann Meakes, and Reverend Colleen Rempel
Event announcements and information are given at the regular Sunday Service and through this website.
Please contact any of the ministers for inquiries regarding marriage, naming and memorial services by using the contact tab on this site.

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